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For scrap metal recycling and chip processing, you need the right equipment for the job. At CSI, we understand how important it is for your chip wringing machine to meet your needs, which is why our Centrifuge / Wringer Tub Dump machining chip centrifuge / wringer includes a conveyor, chip crusher, and a chip centrifuge / wringer.

The tub dump machine is the most common metal chip system in use today. It is composed of a centrally-located chip processor that receives chip input from tubs transported to it from the machining area. Commonly processed compact materials are steel, brass, aluminum, titanium, and cast iron. Other metals should be tested prior to committing to specific designs.

How the Tub Dump Machining Chip Centrifuge / Wringer Works

There are several steps to metal chip coolant extraction and removal:

  • The tub dump centrifuge / wringers feature a hydraulic pivot dumper, which unloads the chips into an inclined screw conveyor. It is imperative that the inclined screw conveyor be properly sized to reliably deliver the chip load to the Wadbuster® chip crusher.

  • Due to the patented Wadbuster® chip crushers, CSI is the only one of the metal extraction companies that can offer the "right size" feed screws required by metal chip wringers or briquetters.

  • The Wadbuster® chip crusher then feeds a positive pressure parts separator at a metered rate so that efficient parts separation can be achieved prior to the metal chip wringer or briquetter.

  • Separated chips are then directed to the centrifuge / wringer’s separator chip discharge port. Oversized objects that cannot be supported by the positive pressure airflow fall out of the parts separator onto a collection chute that directs them to a collection tub. It is vital that chunks of tramp metal be removed prior to the metal chip wringer in order to eliminate the possibility of catastrophic failure of the chip wringer.

  • The chip stream from the parts separator can now be fed to either a continuous chip extractor or briquetting press. In both instances, retained cutting fluids will be removed from the chips either by compression or centrifugal force.

  • The recovered cutting fluid is then recycled or sent to process waste.

The CSI chip wringer and briquetter system satisfies ISO 14000 mandates In addition, CSI's chip centrifuge chip spinner and chip briquetter systems eliminate labor associated with manual centrifuge / wringer systems, improve housekeeping, reduce injury to workers, and are designed for ease of maintenance.




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