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Scrap Metal Recycling & Chip Processing Equipment

Chip Systems International's revolutionary scrap metal chip processing equipment renders other scrap metal recyclers obsolete. The development of Chip Systems International's chip processing equipment was accomplished in an automotive plant setting that operates twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. This resulted in CSI's highest quality scrap metal recycling process saving you time and money.

Previously, to recycle scrap metal, chip processing equipment lacked the reliability required for demanding applications. It was found that prior studies of metal chip processing, which concentrated on a chip systems wringer design, were flawed because the  key piece machinery was  the scrap metal shredder. Frequently the emphasis is on the centrifuge/wringer or briquetter which is very important. However, the shredder is the key component since it must reliably prepare the scrap for subsequent centrifuging/wringing or briquetting. Chip Systems International provides a "BULLET PROOF" solution.

Render Other Scrap Metal Recyclers Obsolete

Chip Systems International succeeds in scrap metal recycling and aluminum recycling where other companies in the scrap metal industry fail because we provide the right size chip processing equipment to match specific operating requirements.






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